Professional Make-up and Hair for Senior Pictures

You are going to love your senior experience with #ivySEEN and to make it that much more fun and less work for you, your make-up and hair will be done professionally!!! To learn more about the #ivySEEN Be SEEN Experience check it here: #ivySEEN

Professional Makeup

Most of my sessions come with this as part of the session, if it doesn’t ask about adding it on 🙂

Liz is my main stylist and does an amazing job at creating the look YOU want.  If you want girl next door not too much keep it simple or if you want glamour chic, she can help you create it! The important thing is you look like you on your best day <3  Liz has been doing this for a long time and understands photography lighting demands and how to get that skin to look flawless!

Liz and I will be coming to your home locally for your finishing touches.  She will need a table and chair in a natural light lit room next to a window and an outlet.  Usually this is your kitchen or dining room but we have even used a large bathroom. Your makeup may seem a bit darker than you requested but I assure you, Liz knows what she is doing to get you camera ready. We need about 10-15% more than what we are going for to get the look just right in camera. Liz also uses lashes on everyone.  Even those blessed humans with amazing lashes!  The same reason applies here, that pesky camera washes them out a bit and we want them to show up. Lashes feel funny at first but within minutes you will be used to them and ready to go. 

Liz uses Temptu airbrush make-up which is tolerated by most people.  If you have a make-up sensitivity or allergy please let us know ahead of time.  Liz sterilizes her equipment after each use and is a licensed esthetician in the state of Iowa. You can learn more about her here: Airbrushing By Liz 

I took the below Do’s and Don’ts from Liz’s website on how to prep for her visit but you will also get a Portrait Perfect Face handout in your Welcome Packet when you meet me for your in person consult before your session.

DO:  Remove all traces of previous makeup

DONT:  Conceal or have mascara on. Remember, I’m a professional makeup artist. I have seen it all! Dark circles, rosacea, pimples, boils. Trust me, I know how to cover them up

DO:  Follow your normal skin care routine. Moisturizer is your friend!

DONT:  Pick, or pop anything the morning/day of. I can cover the craziest zits, but I cant cover something thats oozing!

Airbrush Makeup Iowa


Having your hair professionally styled is another added step that will take the stress off of you.  Let Liz give you those beachy waves or no hassle curls, she can give your hair movement and dimension with her bag of tricks. And if you don’t love your look, she will do it over.  Hair or make-up.  She wants you to love your images and that starts with her so speak up!!  If you have hair and make-up ideas to show her, that helps a lot in the communication with her too.

Professional Hair

Does the make-up artist get a gratuity?

I get asked this question a lot and the answer is YES!  If you love what Liz or any stylist creates for you then it is common to show them gratitude with a tip. $15-$30 or whatever you want is perfect to say Thank You!

To see behind the scenes pictures from our most recent senior sessions go here to my SNAPCHAT page. We have so much fun with Liz that the girls put her on their stories and mine to show the world their make-over!


Airbrush Make-up for Mom!  Please Inquire and we will have Liz get you camera ready for your mother daughter picture taken at the beginning of every senior session.  This edited image is my gift to you as an 8×10 print and a social media sharing image.  Parents must exist in photographs for their children, this I can do for you.


by Ivy Towler