as the bad ass, boss babe, super star, one & only business in town ready to serve her clients.


Iowa city brand photographer

Do you have a game plan to stand out from the crowd as a PROFESSIONAL who takes her business seriously? Brand imagery is one of the key elements of being recognized in a saturated market.

YES we want everyone in our industry to do well, this is a community goal. BUT we are all running a business and we want our Ideal client to choose us over the competition.

It's a pretty common catch phrase, a beautiful truth, but it isn't the end all be all. 

a beautiful truth

community over competition

Let's work with your brand story and play "show and tell" with perfectly curated custom brand images just for you.

let's play show & tell

– a professional who takes her business seriously

– an active communicator with your clients

– a total Boss Babe with her ducks in a row

– a fun and relatable business woman

so you can BE SEEN as:


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sound like you?

And you need to be more consistent with your posts

You want your brand to stand out & CONVERT

every month for social media

You need FRESH content

and you need unique creative images.

Your selfie game is getting old

BUT your budget isn’t ready for the big price tag.

You are 100% ready to ELEVATE your brand

don't belong around here.
boring photos

wellness experts
shop owners

the butcher
the baker
the candlestick maker

Iowa City–based monthly branding photoshoot sessions are perfect for creative entrepreneurs and women led businesses who need constant content to connect and convert their audience into clients.

but you do

Unsubscribe at any time. 3 months minimum


25+ new images per month
day preselected
choose your time
3 outfits + props per session


Or make it a one day photoshoot experience instead!


60+ new IMAGES per MONTH
60 minute brand shoot
for 3 months
planning consult
4-5 outfits per session


Or make it a two day photoshoot experience instead!


90+ new IMAGES per MONTH
90 minute brand shoot monthly for 6 months
planning consult
6-8 outfits per session


choose your subscription

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you + me + fun destination

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I want monthly branding shoots! How do I get started?


Your business is ever evolving and changing, your photos should mirror your evolution. Monthly branding photoshoots are quick and easy and will give you content that grows with your business. It’s also a way I can help my local small businesses to BE SEEN in their industry.

Why the monthly shoots?


In my over 10 years of business this has never happened. Due to the digital nature of this service, there are no refunds. If you are on the Influencer photography subscription, you have the option to cancel at any time.

What happens if I don’t love my photos?


Your investment includes one branding shoot per month, whether you use it or not. They may NOT be transferred to other dates, so get them on the calendar now! You have the option to pause up to 2 months per calendar year and not lose your spot on the subscription.

Do I have to shoot every month for the influencer Subscription?


Ultimate Boss Babe & Boss Babe Subscriptions: Your private session locations are planned during your consult.
Brand Session Collection: Locations provided and will be in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and up to a 60 mile radius
Influencer Subscription: Branding photoshoots take place in and around the Iowa City area both outside and inside so please dress accordingly. You will be sent the locations each month with ideas for each location! 

Where do we shoot?


All you need is your card info and you can get started easily by clicking here!

How do payments work?


I send them via Dropbox which will be emailed to you initially and updated after each shoot.

How will I receive my photos?


Ultimate Boss Babe & Boss Babe Subscriptions: You can add on sets of 10 additional images for $100 for the private sessions.
Influencer Subscription and the COLLECTION: You get ALL your photos from your branding photoshoots!

Can I purchase more photos and how much are they?


frequently asked questions



kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind

Boopbod  |  Denver, CO
full branding session

– Emily Steines

I absolutely love how you made me feel! Posing is not a strength of mine and the second I was in front of the camera, all worries fell away. Your direction, encouragement, and overall love for what you do made me instantly feel confident. I had a blast and can’t get enough of ya! I also love the communication beforehand about outfits, locations, and Pinterest inspo. You made me feel seen and like we were on the same page from the start. You also got all the photos to me in such a timely manner.

I absolutely love how you made me feel!

The Gathering Table  |  Iowa City, IA
monthly subscriber

– Jenny Clark

I love the confidence that you give me. I come into the session feeling beautiful and confident and empowered because I have invested in myself and take my dreams seriously. I take "making my life all it can be" seriously. And I feel so much mutual respect that you have confidence in yourself and want to also empower me and help me show the world that I am going after my dreams and living my purpose.

I wish every woman could experience something that gives them this kind of confidence. 

I don't doubt for a second that it's worth it because your work is ALWAYS beautiful and tells the story of each individual. It really is empowering. I wish every woman could experience something that gives them this kind of confidence. 

Also the networking is powerful and it comes from a place of genuine support for other woman chasing their dreams too. It's special being in great company.

Home School CEO  |  Davenport, IA
monthly subscriber

– Jennifer Myers

Working with Ivy has been a 5 star experience on every level. She has a great eye and makes being photographed fun and feel natural. If you're looking for a great photographer, Ivy is the best! 

Working with Ivy has been a 5 star experience on every level.

Minneapolis, MN
full branding sessions

– Katelyn Alyssa Creative

I really enjoyed how comfortable you made me feel! I've shot with photographers before who are really uptight and want the "perfect shot" for their portfolio and it was hard to be myself on camera. I really felt like this was a collaboration between the two of us! I could easily give my input while also taking direction from you.

I really felt like this was a collaboration between the two of us!

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