Creative Concept Shoots

Concept Shoots are sessions designed around a creative concept. It’s that simple.

Collaboration with my Be SEEN members is crucial when working on concept shoots.  These sessions take a lot of thought and planning so I allow my seniors to dream with me as we develop the story around our idea. These are not standard senior pictures but they often are favorites and become part of the senior’s portfolio and collection. Each shoot is announced as an event on the BAND app which each of my seniors has on their phone {parents too}. From there if you would like to help create and model in this shoot you can RSVP either YES, MAYBE or NO. Then it’s all Pinterest and Polyvore and messages back and forth about what to wear, hair and make-up. Creative Sessions allow you to be free and let your hair down, to find the undiscovered in each of you. 

Red Lips and Furry Coat

Creative Lighting Challenge using the Lumee Selfie Light

The concept was a single word: REFLECTION and we created these!


I will submit images from our concept shoots to national publications when the opportunities are there. We have been featured several times!!  

I also take this opportunity to submit an image from each concept shoot for critique. Putting myself out there and learning from Master Photographer’s what they critique in my work has been hugely beneficial. It’s a Keep Moving Forward business so I want to stay on my game and give you the best experience ever!


by Ivy Towler