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2019 Grad Miss Kendra from Muscatine

What do you think of when you hear or see YELLOW? I think of Kendra and sunshine and smiles and one of the sweetest happiest girls in the world. In fact, she loves yellow too, so much so that she wore it and brought props to match for her introductory brand ambassador session where we do a quick set of images to share with the world at the beginning of their senior year.

All of my senior clients fill out a form when they sign on with me. It’s an “about me” set of questions that helps them share who they are with me so we can make their session the best for them. This is what Kendra had to say about her parents.

Why I love my mother: “My mother is the kindest, happiest, most caring person in the world. She rarely gets angry and she always has a smile on her face. She makes everyday better for me and she is so selfless. I love her.”

Kendra’s mom Toni is just as Kendra wrote. I have witnessed her generosity and kindness first hand. Kendra comes by this honestly. <3

Why I love my father: “My father is always there for me to make me lunch, or help me out with sports. He is goofy and likes to spend time with his family. He is awesome!”

As you can see by Kendra’s bubble gum pics, she may get that goofy fun side from her dad.

Let’s not forget about Kendra’s sister, two peas in a pod!

Good Luck and have fun in all your future adventures Kendra.