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Class of 2019 Model Rep Eleanor


From brunette to blonde, I almost didn’t recognize her! Eleanor and I met in January of her junior year in high school during her senior picture meeting. {We start meetings early so we have a whole year of photo sessions!}

When we took her senior pictures she had this long beautiful dark brown hair that held curls and volume in an envious way. When she showed up for an autumn concept shoot she was BLONDE!! And I fell in love with that hair too. Honestly, how many people can truly pull off both of those colors? Want to see her two colors? Check them out below!

she looks like an instagram influencer for a local boutique

Beautiful senior pictures taken all over the Iowa City area

One of the things Eleanor did was get a unique location not everyone can use. She asked permission to use her boyfriend’s grandparents’ farm. It added a special meaning to her images and they are unlike any of her friends. If you have a spot that you alone can get access to, it helps with setting your images apart from the rest!

by Ivy Towler