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Iowa City High School Model Rep for the Class of 2019: ABBY


Today I want you to meet Abby from our local City High School. She is a beautiful example of personal growth. To explain, I have watched this girl come into her own and not just with physical change over the years but emotional growth while her view of the world was opened up. When I bring on a brand representative for #ivySEEN, I have them fill out a form as part of an interview process and to help me get to know them. Abby’s form was inspiring and full of meaningful answers that you may not expect from a young high schooler. She took the time to complete each answer and cared about what she wrote {not all do} which is a sign of maturity in my eyes. It isn’t easy to open up to someone you don’t know but she did and for that I will always be grateful. She embodies youth with her fun demeanor, she exudes confidence without being condescending and she shows love to the people in her life that have shown her true authenticity. Especially with her cutie rescue beagle Woody.  I know you came here to see the pretty girl in the pretty pictures but please know she is so much more. I believe she still plans to go to nursing school and I want to take this opportunity to say GOOD LUCK and to stay in touch. xoxoxo





by Ivy Towler

Iowa High School and Personal Brand Photographer

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