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Beauty in Laughter | Boudoir and Glamour | Iowa City, Iowa

So often women and girls when they pose for the camera they will put on a pouty face to try and look sexy or alluring.  It works, but I will tell you what sells–Smiles and Laughter.  The men can’t get enough of it!!!  Nearly EVERY guy that sees his lady’s picture gallery automatically grabs up the pictures where she is smiling or laughing first.  They honestly can’t resist.  She is the person they were first attracted to, that girl with the pretty laughter or big smile that says I’m yours.  So although a serious, breath through your mouth, bite your finger sexy pose is attractive, it’s not how or why he fell in love with you. So keep those smiles and laughs in your Instagram feeds and on your social media with an occasional smooch pose to keep it interesting. I will capture each of your expressions at your Barely By Ivy session so you will have plenty to choose from! There is Beauty in Laughter, let’s remind him how beautiful you are.




by Ivy Towler

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