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My Videographer | Joshua Booth | Iowa City

Oh I am the lucky one in this story.  My videographer found me just by chance over on Instagram.  We both used the hashtag #iowacity on our images at the same time and boom, instant connection.  And it all played in my favor; he commented on my image, I creeped on his page, checked out his images and learned he did video.  For a long time I had been thinking I should have an about me video or at least a behind the scenes video but how do I make one, do I hire someone, how much will it cost? Anyway, I took our virtual meeting as a sign to pull up my big girl pants and finally get a video for my website.  So I asked this stranger if he would be interested in helping me out and as you can guess, he said yes 🙂  Last fall I told him I’d contact him in the spring to see about getting footage during my senior model shoot.  Well, our shoot was on Sunday.  I had my video on Tuesday!!!  To be fair, Josh put a rush on it and totally spoiled me by getting it to me that quickly.  He said once he has a vision he MUST complete it.  I was blown away.

So let’s take a step back and let me fill you in quickly on our meeting a couple of months ago.  We met at my favorite coffee shop {Waterstreet Coffee Bar at the Iowa River Landing here in Coralville} and chatted for about an hour.  We talked about ourselves for the most part and just touched a little bit on what I wanted in a video.  I showed him two videos that I liked of other photographers so he would have a feel for what I was looking for and that was it.  He took his keen knowledge and insight from our one hour chat and put together a video that says everything I wanted it to say.  It shows my seniors in hair and make-up, out on location, posing laughing and having fun.  He even interviewed me because he said it was important for my clients to see and hear me and it would add to the overall feel of the video.  Josh even made me cry but only because he asked me about my WHY, a topic so very close to my heart.  You can read about my WHY here: New Year, New Me, Ivy Rochelle   which explains why my voice over is a bit shaky… I was emotional during my interview but all in all, I’m very happy with how it turned out!  You can see it on my senior page over here:  Twelfth Year

If you are in need of a videographer, I would highly recommend Josh.  He gets 5 stars from me across the board.  Professionalism, Price, Turnaround Time, Creativity, Kindness and his Keen Insight.  All of this AND he is a husband, father and college student in addition to his job.  I will be calling him for my future video needs.  In fact, I can’t wait to make another one!!!

You can reach Josh by phone 815-990-6557 or through his website

I snagged a quick picture of him while he was catching some behind the scenes footage of my seniors.  We had so much fun that day! Thank you Josh!!!

Senior Models for the class of 2016: Courtney Fitzharris, Claudia Tait, McKenna Harris and Connor Gast.

HMUA: Liz Annis: Elegant Airbrushing by Liz



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