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Happy New Year… oh wait, is it March already?


Srsly, why does the time go fast when you are having fun but when you are cleaning your room it feels like you have been at it all day.  I have so many things to tell you but if you are following me on instagram or snapchat {inspirationsbyi} or twitter or even facebook you have seen and heard it all!  BUT if you haven’t, here are the cliff notes:

— my 2016 senior calendar is filling up with some of the coolest people, how do I know they are cool, because I have met them all and a lot of their parents at their very own consult where we planned their dream session–the creativity is thrilling and I can’t wait to start shooting!

— I attended a senior photography conference in San Diego held by Senior’s Ignite and lead by the top senior photographers in our nation– do people still say  m i n d  b l o w n ?  they should because it is appropriate for the crazy amount of stuff I learned and the cool pictures and ideas I took away from our 3 days of learning you can see a couple below but the rest are still processing

— I met an awesome videographer today, yep, I’m adding video to my site!  it will be a behind the scenes of my senior model shoot– I’m so excited!!!!!

— speaking of models, I have my 2016 senior reps all on board and we are planning for a killer model session soon!  can’t wait  🙂

— we got a puppy, I know totally random but if you have one or had a puppy recently you know it’s a huge deal and a time suck but he’s like the cutest thing you have ever seen and I love him

— hubs birthday is tomorrow, I don’t have a gift or a card but I did order a cake so I think he’ll forgive me  😉  {anyone who knows my husband knows this is O K A Y since he’s not big on gifts or attention}  We will smother him in kisses and hugs and let him do whatever the heck he wants the rest of the week!  That’s a gift, isn’t it?  Sounds good to me!

— I’m heading to PPI this month.  Looking forward to meeting some photographers in person from Iowa.  I have met several locally but not state wide so if you are going, let me know.

— Lastly, watch for my hashtag #ivySEEN and more from We Are The Seen the new Senior’s Ignite model program.  Hoping to submit some of my seniors to the monthly challenges and possibly get them entered to win a modeling role.  Really, how cool would it be to model for 20 senior photographers and their 6 instructors at 2 workshop intensives and be featured in their culture and lifestyle magazine? So many great things coming this year, so many!

Here are a couple of really neat shots of Finn, one of the 12 senior models at the Senior’s Ignite conference.


by Ivy Towler


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