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Urban Chic | 12 month old child model

Welcome to part 2 of 3 showcasing the beautiful Miss Annie for her 12 month old photo shoot. To see part one, go here to her Flower Child series.  Today we are devouring the Urban Chic edition.  First, let me clarify how this shoot went down.  She’s one.  Little kiddos this age can not do an all day model shoot or go to three locations in three outfits.  These three sessions took place over two days.  They were well thought out and planned in advance. Her mother drove her 5 hours to come see me.  {Ok, that sounds crazy but it’s true!  She’s my niece 🙂 }  Typically you get about an hour tops with a child this age so be patient and plan wisely.

Today you get to see Annie’s absolutely fabulous dancer pose, her beautiful smile, her squinty nose and several tall teeth.  Miss Annie went with a simple white summer eyelet dress and matching bloomers, a fuschia flower headband and a vintage designer denim jacket.  {It’s vintage if it’s handed down from her cousin right?}  The best part of her ensemble…. her squishy rolls and well placed wrinkles!  She was so good for us and she let it shine in her images.





by Ivy Towler