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Class of 2015 Model Miss Jaclyn | High School Senior Photographer Iowa City

The senior season has begun for the class of 2015 here in the Iowa City area!  Yesterday I took a few of my senior representatives out for their model shoot.  It was fun and a bit crazy but luckily for me I had several people helping to make it perfect including my thoughtful senior girls–they were amazing!  Below is a sneak-peek of Miss Jaclyn from Durant High School.  You will see a lot of her in the coming months here at Towler Photography but today I am sharing just a few to get the week started.  More posts soon from the rest of our shoot.

Thank you to Lindsey Coblentz for taking these beautiful girls and making them camera ready with hair and make-up.

Thank you to my assistant and brilliant stylist Breanna Jensen.  I have absolutely no idea how I managed without you before!

Thank you to my daughter Maggie for being the runner and the water carrier and for blinding the girls when I needed the reflector to highlight their pretty eyes.  You are now a permanent part of the team 🙂

Thank you to Miss Kim, one of the moms and a good friend.  She did a lot of running, driving and carrying plus helped with wardrobe and props–I’m so glad you stayed for the whole thing!

Ok, now the sneak peek.  More to come, I promise!!





by Ivy Towler