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Contemporary Glamour Shots | Iowa City Portrait Photography

“It’s in the details!” some may say and I would wholeheartedly agree. When you plan what to wear for a special event like a wedding or prom, homecoming or the hottest party of the year, you think about all the details, especially your accessories.  The same is true for your photo shoot.  The dress or outfit is very important but the details and the little things shouldn’t be overlooked.  Earrings, necklaces, scarves, hair style, make-up, cuffs, bracelets, rings, nail & toe polish, belts, jackets, hosiery or lack there of, stockings, socks, shoes and more shoes!  Each one adds interest and appeal to your final image.  These small things will not go unnoticed!  So, when you are planning for your contemporary glamour shoot, senior pictures or your boudoir session…. remember the details, the little things that reflect you.

flower girl dress details iowa city

Flower girl sash from my sister-in-laws recent wedding. It was beautiful and perfect on my niece!

by Ivy Towler

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