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The Pagliais | Iowa City Family Photography

An 80th birthday with lots of beautiful people all dressed up and in one place equals a Family Party!

My job: to squeeze the lot of them all into a little entryway, make everyone visible and capture lots of smiles.

They made it easy.  They all did their relaxed faces while I focused and then they brought on big smiles at the count of 3… every time!  Well except for that one guy….. and I have already given him grief on facebook so I won’t do it here 🙂

I thank Jaclyn for sharing my work with Polly and I thank Polly for sharing me with Rene.  We must do it again soon only this time let’s go outdoors and have some playful photos instead of the traditional ones we did this weekend.  I’m thinking we should start out at Polly and Armond’s place–it is beautiful there.

Gallery will be up soon!

Love to you all



by Ivy Towler

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