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Squirming with Anticipation

Oh it’s killing me…

some know

some have seen

some have guessed

It’s not like it’s hiding but until I put it out there and say look what I’m doing… I feel like you are unaware.

Oh the planning, planning and more planning.

I’m working with a lovely group of ladies to bring you a new line of work by me.

I just can’t put it out there until I can SHOW you….

It’s coming though.  It’s already on here, technically but not completely so the announcement must wait but you are welcome to snoop around!


I have a new niece coming soon… her mother and I are gathering all the cutest most delicious girly girl items for her newborn shoot.

She will be here in July, possibly June but they are shooting for July.  I am hoping we can squeeze a maternity session in over Easter… I think we are heading back to visit that weekend, need to get that on the calendar and let everyone know…. might help if I tell my sister in law 🙂  She will read it here!

Ok… that’s all… just excited and needed to type it out.

Now, back to work behind the scenes and tend to my oldest child.  She had oral surgery today–she was so out of it when we came home and now she’s sleeping.  Recovery should be quick!

Keep sparkling and have a GREAT weekend!





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