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Winter Gear and Red Cheeks

The kids had a snow day yesterday, no school and lots of snow to sled in.

We took 20 minutes to gear up.  They played for about 30-45 minutes, coming in in shifts… little people first.

Before removing the little guys’ gear, I had to “picture this” moment in time so I wouldn’t forget their little faces, red cheeks and 4 year old silly faces.

These are SOOC, Nikon D800, 85mm @ 3.2  160, iso 800 and crisp as can be!  I love being able to shoot in a higher iso so my settings can be a little more flexible with the available light.  The boys were sitting in the entryway by the full window door. {on my computer, these are vibrant and bright and crisp but when I publish… they get slightly dulled–this baffles me–ugh}

I love love love these pictures, they are my babies.  Grateful for many things today: a job with a boss and administrator that understand when I need to be home with my family, being a business owner with the same leniency, a camera that feels at home in my hands, a husband that keeps me and everything in balance and last but not least…. 4 kiddos that remind me to be in these moments and soak them up into my soul.