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The Farmer’s Table at Deluxe Cakes and Pastries, Iowa City, Iowa

This cold Iowa winter weather already has me wishing for spring.  Green grass, leaves on the trees, lots and lots of beautiful fragrant flowers and finding friends outside instead of online.

Last summer was a hot one… I don’t really want to go back to the heat  B U T… I would go back to a fun evening out with local lovers of GREAT food and conversation!!  Our friend Chris Grebner is owner and chef at The Farmer’s Table. Feel free to stop over and check him and his mission out, maybe we will see each other at one of his future events!  From the chef, “…this dining experience brings together the producer/grower/farmer and consumer to the same table.”

Below are photos from one of the dinners we attended last summer when the heat dipped just enough to make a beautiful evening magical.