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My first photography post!

I’m not new to blogging or photography but I am new to doing both as a business.  I love to share and play show and tell.  Blog posts filled with beautiful photographs and a story to go with them, that’s what I do.  Towler Photography is located in Coralville, Iowa, an absolutely beautiful place to view through the lens.

Gratitude and Transparency

My husband is my major supporter.  He has to be mentioned so you understand that this wouldn’t be possible with out him.

My mother was the person in my life that loved everything I did {well most everything!}.  She is no longer with us today but I’m sure she is beaming with pride as she watches over us while we continue to learn and grow.  My dad and sister fill her role now as my loyal cheerleaders.

My goal in this business is simple:  Offer great story telling photographs.  Portray family love and silliness.  Build lasting relationships with my clients and to enjoy my life as an artist.

Thank You for stopping by.  Please take a look around.  I’m working hard on keeping this business true to my vision while I juggle the challenges of motherhood, family life, house charming and a job outside the home!

Cheers to You~Ivy

by Ivy Towler

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