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What is more precious to you than your family? When your FaceBook memories pop up and you see a photo from when your kids were small do you remember taking the photo? Do you know where it is? I even struggle with this and because of that, I repeatedly save the photo to my phone so I for sure have it. It’s silly, but I’m a memory hoarder in the form of images yet I don’t have very many printed for enjoyment!!! Over the past couple of years I have been changing that. I am slowly but surely organizing my digital photos and I’m printing them. My kids love that I am creating albums of images for them to keep for a lifetime. We are also decorating our walls with our most precious artwork: our family. Take a look around at your home. Is there a spot that needs to be revamped or updated? That is the corner or space I can help you with. Let’s turn it into a space of family artwork!

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