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I believe in the unique and potential beauty of every moment whether created or discovered. Be SEEN

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Date: January, 2021

Where: Somewhere Tropical (maybe Costa Rica!!)

Who: You and Me plus at least one of your parents (I need to clients to make this trip work)

What: A FULL DAY of stylized shoots in a sunny destination with a beach and palm trees!!!

Hair and Make-Up on your own unless a local artist is available

Clothing options available {working with boutiques now to have a couple outfits provided!!! more on this later once secured}

Fully Styled = You will be guided on what to wear for each location

You get ALL your fully edited digital files from your gallery!! {This is only offered in my top collection} to share online.

You will also get digital files from the other photographers {subject to time in front of their cameras}

I will create a custom album for you and put as many of your images in it that I can. 

You can opt to buy additional artwork for your home and graduation announcements from me at 20% off my price menu

You are automatically enrolled as part of my Be SEEN team and will be able to do all my concept shoots we do here back home!

And last but not least: you will be the star on my snapchat and instagram while we are shooting. You get to create bts videos to introduce yourself while on set. Let people learn all about you and show them what you are doing in Cali. You will also have the option to do a takeover before the event to be introduced to my snapchat audience {don’t worry even tho there are 100’s upon 100’s of them, they are always nice and curious– you will meet some new friends!}

So what does it cost? THE TRAVELER SESSIONS start at $3000 but are custom priced per location. For instance, the NYC destination is $4250.  Once the dates and shoot locations are lined up for the tropical trip, the price will be finalized. 

To give you an idea of what you would pay for senior pictures here locally if we didn’t go to a far off beautiful place— it would most likely be the same price! My seniors love the Archive Collection as it is the most popular item on my price menu. They get digital files of everything in the collection plus product. My seniors also opt for the Be SEEN session experience which gets them onto my team with the concept shoots plus they get hair and makeup. YOU however in Costa Rica let’s say get A FULL DAY of shoots, you will be FULLY STYLED, you will be at locations NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE at your school PLUS you get ALL YOUR DIGITAL files not just a selection AND an album I don’t offer currently plus a special price on extra products!! So all in all, you pay about the same as what my typical senior pays and you get more, WAY MORE!! So let’s do this. You and Me and a TROPICAL DESTINATION <3

If after reading through this you still have questions, please email , I’M HERE TO HELP.

Palm Springs Vintage Roller Skating

This is a first come first served offering. I can only take 2 clients max. I’m sorry there isn’t more room but it’s all we can do this trip even though several have already asked me about this. You are responsible for your travel and lodging. A non-refundable retainer is required to reserve your spot.

Coming Up: SOMEWHERE TROPICAL tbd January 2021.

Past Destination Sessions:

San Diego January 2020

New York City June 2019

Austin, Texas January 2019

La/Palm Springs January 2018